Dean and Head of School

Dean and Head of School


 Professor Musa Mabandla


 +27 (0)31 260 4267


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 Medical School

Research Interests

Parkinson’s disease

Febrile seizures

Alzheimer’s disease


HIV dementia


Dean & Head of School

Selected publications

Qulu L, Daniels WM, Mabandla MV. Sersia chirindensis reverses the potentiating effect of prenatal stress on the development of febrile seizures and decreases plasma interleukin-1 beta levels. Neuroscience Research. 2016 Feb; 103:54-8.

Mpofana T, Daniels WM, Mabandla MV. Exposure to Early Life Stress Results in Epigenetic Changes in Neurotrophic Factor Gene Expression in a Parkinsonian Rat Model. Parkinson’s Disease. 2016, Article ID 6438783, 7 pages.

Ndlovu BC, Daniels WM, Mabandla MV. Amelioration of L-Dopa-Associated Dyskinesias with Triterpenoic Acid in a Parkinsonian Rat Model. Neurotoxicology Research 2016. Jan;29(1):126-34

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Qulu L, Daniels WM, Mabandla MV. Exposure to prenatal stress has deleterious effects on hippocampal function in a febrile seizure rat model. Brain Research 2015. October 22; 1624:506-14.

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