Biomedical Resource Unit

Biomedical Resource Unit

UKZN’s Biomedical Resources Unit (BRU) is one of the largest laboratory animal facilities in Southern Africa. The unit stands on northwestern side of Westville campus of UKZN, compromising 3 floors and over 7000 sq. of space. The facility was primarily designed to breed and house a variety of experimental animals and; a core focus being to meet the scientific needs of teachers and researchers in area of the biomedical sciences of the entire eastern seaboard of South Africa.

Our focus is primarily to support post graduate study in the areas of physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology and biology. The BRU has close bilateral relation with Kwa Zulu natal Sharks Board (KNSB), Kwa Zulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV, (KRITH) and National Bioproducts Institute (NBI). Based on current infrastructure and ties we are equipped to support Hons, Master and PhD students in all areas of laboratory animal sciences.



Some of the current post graduate research includes:

a. Evaluation of animal feeds for myoctoxins

b. Reproductive physiology of Ragged Tooth Shark.

c. Antibiotic resistance in campylobacter isolates

d. Hypertension and diabetes in rat models

e. Cancer in mice models

f. Parasitology in reptile models

g. Porcine Buccal mucosal study

h. Use of Probiotics in aquatic models

The areas that we support are:

a. Harvesting of animal tissue and material for teaching and research

b. Teaching and training in animal ethics

c. Surgical workshops for medical doctors

d. Safety and toxicology testing

The BRU supports the sterilization of the stray cats on all university property. In addition we render free veterinary advice to staff and local organisations like Medical Research council, NSPCA, Community Veterinary Clinics, Mitchell Park Zoo, and KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board. We are always willing to go to schools and speak about ethical treatment of animals.

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