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Professor Musa Mabandla

Dean & Head of SchoolTel: +27 (0)31 260 4267

Medical School

Research Interests

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Febrile seizures
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Addiction
  • HIV dementia

List of Publications (Selected)

Qulu L, Daniels WM, Mabandla MV. Sersia chirindensis reverses the potentiating effect of prenatal stress on the development of febrile seizures and decreases plasma interleukin-1 beta levels. Neuroscience Research. 2016 Feb; 103:54-8.

Mpofana T, Daniels WM, Mabandla MV. Exposure to Early Life Stress Results in Epigenetic Changes in Neurotrophic Factor Gene Expression in a Parkinsonian Rat Model. Parkinson’s Disease. 2016, Article ID 6438783, 7 pages.

Ndlovu BC, Daniels WM, Mabandla MV. Amelioration of L-Dopa-Associated Dyskinesias with Triterpenoic Acid in a Parkinsonian Rat Model. Neurotoxicology Research 2016. Jan;29(1):126-34

Cassim S, Qulu L, Mabandla MV. Prenatal stress and early life febrile convulsions compromise hippocampal genes MeCP2/REST function in mid-adolescent life of Sprague-Dawley rats. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. 2015. Nov; 125:195-201.

Qulu L, Daniels WM, Mabandla MV. Exposure to prenatal stress has deleterious effects on hippocampal function in a febrile seizure rat model. Brain Research 2015. October 22; 1624:506-14.

Mabandla MV, Nyoka M, Daniels WM. Early use of oleanolic acid provides protection against 6-hydroxydopamine induced dopamine neurodegeneration. Brain Research. 2015 October; 1622: 64-71

Ndlovu BC, Daniels WMU, Mabandla MV. Oleanolic acid enhances the beneficial effects of preconditioning on PC 12 cells. Parkinson’s Disease, 2014. Artlcle ID 929854, 1-5.

Mpofana T, Daniels WMU, Mabandla MV. Neuroprotective effects of caffeine on a maternally separated parkinsonian rat model. Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science, 2014; 4: 84-91.

Russell VA, Zigmond MJ, Dimatelis JJ, Daniels WM, Mabandla MV. The interaction between stress and exercise, and its impact on brain function. Metabolic Brain Disease. Metabolic Brain Disease. 2014 Jun: 29(2): 255-60.  

Mohamed Moosa Z, Daniels WM, Mabandla MV. The effects of prenatal methylmercury exposure on trace element and antioxidant levels in rats following 6-hydroxydopamne-induced neuronal insult. Metabolic Brain Disease. Metabolic Brain Disease. 2014 Jun: 29(2): 459-69. 

Musa V Mabandla, Bryony Dobson, Shula Johnson, Laurie A Kellaway, Willie MU Daniels, Vivienne A Russell. Development of a mild prenatal stress rat model to study long term effects on neural function and survival. Metab Brain Dis. 2008 Mar;23(1):31-42

Howells FM, Russell VA, Mabandla MV, Kellaway LA. Stress reduces the neuroprotective effect of exercise in a rat model for Parkinson’s disease (Behavioural Brain Research 165(2), 2005).

MV Mabandla, LA Kellaway, A St Slair Gibson and VA Russell. Voluntary running provides neuroprotection in rats following 6-hydroxydopamine injection into the medial forebrain bundle (Metabolic Brain Disease, 19 (1/2), 2004).