Dr Sue Higgins-Opitz

Dr Sue Higgins-Opitz


Dr Sue Higgins-Opitz 



 +27 (0)31 2608679 





Research Interests

Learning, Teaching &  Assessment of Physiology 


Honorary Senior Lecturer 

 Biosketch Registered as a Medical Scientist with the South African Health Professions Council (previously Medical and Dental Council) since April 1986

Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society (1979 – to date )

Member of :
The Microscopical Society of Southern Africa (1978 – 2004)
The Parasitology Society of Southern Africa (1979 – 1995)
The South African Society for Microbiology (1988 – 2002)
The Epidemiology Society of Southern Africa (1991 – 1995)
The Physiological Society of Southern Africa (1974 – to date)

List of Publications

Peer-reviewed articles in SAPSE accredited publications
(Listed in descending order i.e. from most recent backwards)

1. Tufts MA, Nadar A, Higgins-Opitz SB. Student perceptions of the introduction of PowerLab® practicals into a first year Sport Science physiology service module (In preparation for submission to Advances in Physiology Education)

2. van Wyk JM, Naidoo SS, Higgins-Opitz SB, Moodley K. Feminisation of medicine: perceptions of final year medical students at a South African medical school. (submitted to Social Science & Medicine in April 2014)

3. Naidoo SS, van Wyk JM, Moodley K, Higgins-Opitz, SB. An evaluation of Stress in Medical Students at a South African University. SA Family Practice Journal (accepted for publication in September 2013)

4. Higgins-Opitz SB, Tufts M (2014) Performance of first year Health Sciences students in a large, diverse, multi-disciplinary, first semester, physiology service module. Advances in Physiology Education 38:161-169 (Impact factor 1.22)

5. Higgins-Opitz SB, Tufts M, Naidoo I, Essack S (2014). Perspectives of student performance in the Health Sciences: how do physiology and professional modules compare? South African Journal of Higher Education 28: 436-454

6. Tufts MA, Higgins-Opitz, SB (2012) Medical physiology education in South Africa: what are
the educators’ perspectives? African Journal of Health Professions Education 4: 15-21

7. Higgins-Opitz SB, Tufts M (2012) Active physiology learning in a diverse class: an analysis of 

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