Study Opportunities

Study Opportunities in the Discipline


MBChB students

Detailed lectures on medical microbiology/immunology and infection control and practice.

Modules on Infectious Disease are also delivered to medical students.

Students are also exposed to the laboratory practices and practical’s.


Medical Science students-

Lectures are provided on Basic medical microbiology and infection control.  Students are exposed to laboratory practices and practical’s.



Registrar Training-

A 4 year registrarship in Pathology – Microbiology.  This includes extensive laboratory training, clinical management of patients and a research MMED project.  Exit exams can be written either in the form of a MMED or FCPATH.


MMED research projects-

Research projects and collaborations with various clinical departments are being explored.  Data generated is utilized to enhance diagnostics and improve patient care.


Medical Scientist Internship training

The department is accredited to train medical scientists who are specializing in medical and molecular microbiology.  This training involves close supervision and interaction with clinical staff as well as training and operation of the latest diagnostic systems.


Medical Scientist Honors training

The department is accredited to train medical scientists who are doing their Hons, including the supervision of research projects.


PHD research

The department is currently hosting staff members who are actively pursuing PHD research for the department itself, with emphasis being placed on novel research and diagnostics.


Collective collaboration and Data Analysis

All data generated from the department is analyzed and interpreted according to current endemic diseases.  National guidelines and recommendations are recommended based upon real time findings.



Collaborative Efforts




Infectious Disease Unit – UKZN

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