Emerging Researchers Awarded Grants

Three emerging researchers in the School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences (LMMS) at UKZN have been awarded UKZN internal Research Development Equipment (RDE) Grants. The grant provides funding for research equipment costing more than R50 000 with the aim being to support research endeavours of the University through infrastructural development and provision of equipment

Young Professor Appointed Academic Leader: Research

The School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences has appointed Professor Bongani Nkambule (34) as its Academic Leader of Research. Nkambule, previously Academic Leader: Molecular and Cellular Diseases in the School, said barriers to success in research included a lack of access to mentors or meaningful mentorship, funding and state-of-the-art equipment. ‘My goal is to improve collaborative

Study Identifies Cells Responsible for Tissue Damage in TB-Infected Lungs

A doctoral study examined the profile of lung cells of individuals who had tuberculosis (TB) at a single cell resolution to determine which cells are involved in lung tissue damage as well as granuloma formation in human lung tissue infected by the disease. The research work earned Dr Ian Mbano (32) of Zimbabwe a PhD

Maternal and Foetal Health Focus of Doctoral Study BY: .

Research into maternal and foetal health concentrating on hypertensive pregnancy disorders such as pre-eclampsia and gestational hypertension secured Dr Nerolen Soobryan a PhD in Health Sciences (Physiology). ‘Symptoms of these conditions often present too late in pregnancy and are a major contributor to the death of mothers and unborn children. Furthermore, the two disorders have overlapping

Doctoral Study Investigates Neuroanatomy of Major Blood Vessels of the Head and Neck

Dr Bukola Rukayat Omotoso of Nigeria was awarded a PhD in Health Sciences (Anatomy) for her study that investigated the Neuroanatomy of the Vertebral Arteries – Major Blood Vessels of the Head and Neck. Findings from Omotoso’s research identified important clinical features of the vertebral arteries and their implication for diagnosis and surgical intervention in

Exposure to Trauma can Lead to Alzheimer’s Disease – Study Finding

Suffering trauma can result in contracting Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), according to the findings of a doctoral study. The research, in which rats were used as models, was undertaken by Nigerian-born Dr Samuel Faborode, who was awarded a PhD in Health Sciences (Physiology) for the work. From early in his life, Faborode was interested in brain

Many Breast Cancer Patients in Research Project Consider the Disease a “Death Sentence”

Perceptions of Female Patients with Newly-Diagnosed Breast Cancer at Durban’s Addington Hospital was the subject of research which earned social worker, Mrs Kogielambal Perumaul a Master’s degree in Medical Science. Perumaul’s research explored knowledge, awareness, preconceptions and myths of breast cancer among the patients being studied as well as examining their concerns regarding physical status,

Graduate Describes her Unbridled Joy

Ms Nompumelelo Gumede on achieving a cum laude Master’s degree in Medical Science (Physiology) said: ‘This accomplishment brings me tears of joy. Sometimes I scream internally: Girl, you did it! My master’s study was interesting but challenging – when I submitted my dissertation I was mentally and physically exhausted. Waiting for results was stressful although I knew I had

Research Reveals Potential of Pre-Diabetes and COVID-19 Being a Deadly Combination

Pre-diabetes should be treated as a comorbidity for COVID-19 and all patients infected with the virus need to be screened for the diabetes condition to reduce deaths and provide optimal clinical care. This is according to a paper written by researchers from UKZN’s School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences PhD student Mr Aubrey Sosibo