Doctoral Study Investigates Neuroanatomy of Major Blood Vessels of the Head and Neck

Dr Bukola Rukayat Omotoso of Nigeria was awarded a PhD in Health Sciences (Anatomy) for her study that investigated the Neuroanatomy of the Vertebral Arteries – Major Blood Vessels of the Head and Neck.

Findings from Omotoso’s research identified important clinical features of the vertebral arteries and their implication for diagnosis and surgical intervention in treating cerebrovascular diseases.

‘Research usually involves a variety of challenges, including the research topic, approval from the university ethics committee, implementation of research, publishing of research outputs, and the examination process,’ said Omotoso. ‘However, working with a dedicated research team and benefitting from all the support provided by the College of Health Sciences made such a difference in assisting me to accomplish the overall aims and objectives of my doctoral degree. Also critical in my success were dedication, prayer, resilience, hard work, and asking for help when necessary.’

Omotoso is currently a postdoctoral candidate in the Discipline of Clinical Anatomy at UKZN where she also works as a research assistant.

‘I am grateful to my supervisors, Professor Lelika Lazarus, Professor Kapil Satyapal and Dr Rohen Harrichandparsad as well as the College of Health Sciences for giving me this opportunity,’ said Omotoso. ‘My special thanks go to Professor Nancy Lea Eik-Nes of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology for her help at a crucial time in my academic journey.’

Omotoso, who says she is thrilled to be the first doctoral graduate in her family, enjoys cooking, reading, and watching movies during her spare time.

Words: Lihle Sosibo

Photograph: Rajesh Jantilal